Blue Star Ferries

This was a poem I found that I’d written in 2002 I think, while on a Greek ferry, maybe between the mainland and one of the islands, or between Greece and Italy, I’m not certain. It’s funny, looking back I hadn’t remembered it being all that bad, we tend to filter certain parts of memories from our mind over time, romanticising about trips like this looking watching the sun setting over the Aegean Sea, whereas reality was a bit different…

As I sat
On the one remaining open toilet
The piss water sloshed about an inch
from my cock and balls
which hung nervously
over the cesspit.

I could see a queue forming
through the hole in the door
where the lock
should have been.
The door burst open far enough
to hit my knees, and there I saw
white-tie-man standing,

Just then the boat rocked,
and as I shoved the door shut on white-tie-man’s face,
the water sloshed up. My genitals and my arse were baptised
by the holy water of Blue Star.
I wiped off what I could with what was left of the half damp paper,
And went back to my bed on the deck.
The soot, ash, and fag-ends sitting
like confetti on my sleeping bag.

As I crawled back in, and shut my eyes,
the rain started to fall, and
the announcement came over the loudspeaker
in six different languages,
That we only had one hour
to go, and that she hoped we’d
enjoyed sailing
with Blue Star Ferries.


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