Life in a bath

35749555052_15cb0b8a84_o (1)

Whatever sort of mood I was in, there were always small things that made me amazed at the joy and beauty of life. The colours and sounds all around us, if we stopped to think about it we couldn’t help but be grateful and appreciative of our short lives on earth.

I beamed a massive smile when my dog was barking at some far away noise outside then went walking along the hall as I lay in the bath, the colour of his hair and his movement into and along the dark hallway as I remained in the lit bathroom reminded me a bit of life as death in some vague way and I grinned at how good it was to be alive.

My body was ageing and deteriorating a bit, no different from other people’s, but it felt at ease in the warm water, my eyes and brain glad to be away from the screens of TVs, laptops, and phones. We had to make time just to sit and absorb, it was when the mind sighed and slowed down a bit, away from the machine gun fire of activity and distractions in our daily lives.

I wanted nothing more than my thoughts my breath and the stillness of existence.


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